Company Profile

Houmad Inc. is a fast growing company in Toronto, Canada. We shared more than 13 years software and hardware experiences. The team is made up of designers, engineers, project managers, consultants, software development, web designing, networking and support staff.

We come from a broad range of backgrounds including the oil and power industries, environmental groups, construction, government, development and aid/environmental charities, the IT industry, and investment banking.

Despite this huge diversity we are united in our belief is a key solution to alleviate the growing IT knowledge.

CEO’s Message

We have been a fortunate company from the very beginning.

We are thankful for the excellent infrastructure and the very conducive environment for business. As we continue to evolve, we feel it is our responsibility to help contribute to the economic growth of the Canada.

Houmad Inc. is a customer centric company, always putting our customers first, which ensures all our energy is expended not just meeting but exceeding their expectations.

Our team of self-motivated and passionate individuals are aligned with our Company’s core values and strategic initiatives, always looking to create a brighter future for the local community.

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