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Houmad Inc. delivers truly dedicated 24x7 managed IT support services.

We are a Canadaian company specialising in providing Managed IT Support & IT Services to suit the needs of businesses with a wide range of requirements.

The management of IT is complex and ever changing, through new technology and ideas. In rapidly changing industries, business is ever reliant on the availability of their IT.

Businesses are consistently looking to drive efficiency into their IT operations, increase performance and secure their data, whilst reducing their overall operational expenditure and the burden on their resources.

Here are just some of the services that we offer:

• Repairs, upgrades & system security including virus/spyware detection and removal.
• Complete system clean ups including the saving & re-integration of your data/e-mails etc.
• New user training with help to set up your new computer and broadband internet connection.
• Assistance & advice relating to all types of setups including, file/print sharing & wireless networks.
• All your diagnosis & troubleshooting problems solved either at home or in our fully equipped workshop.
• Installing surveillance cameras around your home can be an effective way to constantly monitor any activity.
• Computer training available on a one to one in : Word, Excel, Access Database, Email, Networks.

Cloud Computing Services:

Houmad Inc. is a leading provider of cloud services and Unified Communications (UC). Our communications solutions are simple, efficient and offer a cost effective way for any company to manage their business.

There is a Cloud Computing and UC revolution underway. As companies look to increase their productivity and profitability especially in difficult economic times, Cloud and UC solutions are emerging as the most innovative, practical and cost effective applications for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors.

The benefits offered by Cloud and UC solutions have led to a sharp increase in the number of companies choosing to implement our services.

What can it mean for your business?
• Save up to 80% in IT infrastructure.
• Help reduce business expenses by over $5,500 per employee, per year.
• Save thousands on hardware and IT resources.
• Have a completely flexible approach to working.
• Services are all Microsoft applications, no unknown, untested variants.

What products are available?
• Office Communicator
• Exchange
• SharePoint

Whatever your requirements might be, simply give us a call on +1 (416) 500-6757 or E-mail us info@houmad.com

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