Data Storage & Security Solutions

At Houmad Inc. we have experiences refining and improving our data storage systems so we can now offer Canada customers the document storage & security solution.

Our unique concept offers the lower Deep Storage prices with more reliable and secure platform.

As a document storage provider, we make it simple to move and store your business records off-site. You pack your archive documents; we convey them to our secure storage facilities where they will be located in a dedicated shelving area. When you need them back, we return them. It's that easy.

Active File Management:

Active records, accessible file-by-file; our document management solutions give you full control of your information with all the space and time-saving advantages an outsourced service can offer.

Document Scanning & Digitising:

Scanning 100% of your documents is rarely a practical or cost-effective document management strategy. That's why we provide 'pay as you go' file scanning based on your company needs and archiving necessities. Frequently accessed documents are scanned and immediately available on electronic format; rarely accessed documents are scanned on demand. Our system minimises your digital conversion costs while meeting your access requirements.

Intelligent Scanning:
Iron Mountain can streamline your ability to store, access and manage documents while cutting costs. We can:
• Scan and digitise new information
• Digitise existing paper documents
• Archive for maximum security and accessibility

Disk Storage Systems:

When deploying a virtualised environment, Disk Storage Systems can provide either block accessed storage, or file accessed storage. Block access is typically delivered over Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SAS, FICON or other protocols. File access is often provided using NFS or CIFS protocols.

Disk Storage SOLUTIONS from Houmad Inc. make STORAGE work better for your organisation. Lower the total cost of ownership, increase performance and reliability.

Primary storage and secondary storage to disk staging, our carefully selected vendors offer unmatched business dexterity, exceptional application availability, effortless management and a real return on investment for your business.

We have partnered with the very best vendors to bring you the latest innovation in Storage Area Network, Network Attached Storage, Extreme Density Storage.

Innovations include:
• Deduplication - Store more on less.
• Utilise all your STORAGE with thin provisioning and virtualisation.
• Grid Architecture - Simple to manage, simple to scale.
• Huge throughput for demanding applications such as unstructured data.
• No complicated licence or extras.
• AutoMAID - Save vital energy when your disc is not in use.

Data Protection Software:

Complete Data Protection Software solutions from industry leading Vendors for tape and disk appliances.

From renewing your Data Protection Software licence and maintenance, adding a new feature or a complete software refresh, we can find you the best solution with the best return on investment.

Enterprise Data Centres all have different priorities, but the common theme is RELIABILITY, EASE OF USE, and more recently, SEARCH capability.

We can guide you through a new deployment to anticipate and adapt to your evolving needs should your current storage software not be performing for you.

Our vendors offer:
• Archive.
• Back Up and Recovery.
• Replication.
• Enterprise Search - Accelerated informed decision making, simultaneously search ALL your enterprise information, including images with secure, single click search.
• Resource management.
• Deduplication.

Cloud Storage Systems:

Online Data Backup Services:
Increase the efficiency and reliability of your daily backup and get faster data recovery combined with two, off-site, encrypted copies of your data. Two services for differing organisations or different requirements within your organisation, both services housed at IBM Secure Data Centres in the Canada. Being secure is vital but being in the Canada is just as critical should you need to call on a restore, make sure you know where your data is going to.......

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