MagicInfo™ Lite Software for Samsung Large Format

As part of its digital signage solution portfolio, Samsung offers several LFDs that include embedded software and features that make scheduling, playing and updating display content easy.

Samsung LED displays are more than just simple displays; they are displays that have a PC inside them. Samsung LED displays provide ease of use through an internal player installed with Linux-based PC functionality. Hardware and software, such as a CPU, Flash disk memory (FDM) storage, a graphic engine, and double data rate (DDR) memory are implemented within the Samsung System-on-Chip (SoC) platform and Linux-based OS. MagicInfo™ Lite signage software is embedded based on this technology. Samsung LED displays do not require client player devices.

All of the Samsung LED LFD elements support playing 1080p video files, JPEG images, Microsoft® PowerPoint® (2007) files, and .flv files using Adobe® Flash® (10.1). MP3 files are supported as background music for images and PowerPoint files. External media player capabilities are also available through an external USB 2.0 memory.

Samsung MagicInfo™ Lite software also provides the following capabilities:

• Automatic content playing through internal storage, external USB 2.0 memory.
• Local scheduling with a remote controller.
• Network scheduling by MagicInfo™ Lite server on a LAN connection.
• Content management
• Instant USB auto play

Executive summary

To provide an all-in-one digital signage solution for corporate and commercial use, Samsung offers LED large format displays (LFDs) (ME Series, UE Series, DE Series, and MD Series) with embedded MagicInfo™ Lite software that includes an internal media player.

MagicInfo™ Lite digital signage software offers:
• Automatic content playing.
• Local scheduling with remote controller.
• Network scheduling by MagicInfo™ server on a LAN connection.
• Content management.
• Instant USB auto play.

When users or administrators need to manage, organize or schedule content, or control multiple displays, MagicInfo™ Lite software can connect to MagicInfo™ Lite Edition Server (MagicInfo™ Lite Server) through a web-based interface. Because the MagicInfo™ Lite Server can control the display’s functions, a Multiple Display Control (MDC) program is not required.

With its intuitive user interface (UI), MagicInfo™ Lite is designed for ease of use so that even non-professionals can operate it. Any user, even one with very little knowledge, can create a schedule using only a remote control device.

For added convenience, the USB auto play function helps users to easily play videos by simply plugging a USB device into a display device with MagicInfo™ Lite.

For more information, please download PDF files: Samsung Magicinfo Premium S Software
Samsung Magicinfo Lite Software

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