Server Maintenance

Our Server Support, Server Maintenance & Server Repair services are available Canada for Reliable, Flexible & Affordable Server Support & Maintenance up to 24x7 365 days a year.

We can Supply, Install, Maintain & Support your Servers wherever and whenever you need us to. For a Certified High Quality Server Support service contact us today and find out how we can help you.

Qualified Engineers, Accredited Service:

Our Server Support Engineers are qualified to support many and various types of Server Hardware and Software. We are Accredited by many major Manufacturers to supply and support servers to a high standard that the Manufacturers are prepared to put their stamp on.
• We don't just turn up fast. We also guarantee to restore your system to working condition in an agreed time as well.
• Standard Warranty often doesn't leave your system in a fully working condition. Our Server Support services do!
• Our Server Maintenance & Support services cover parts & service windows that many Manufacturer Support Packs don't.
• Do we offer support in your location? If you are anywhere in the Canada the answer is yes! We may do offshore too!

What Service Cover is available for your Server?

Our Field based Server Support Services such as, Server Maintenance & Repair, Server Support, Server Management, Installations, Moves & Changes are available to Business, Local Government & Education Canada.

Whatever your requirements might be, simply give us a call on +1 (416) 500-6757 or E-mail us info@houmad.com

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