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Houmad Inc. is a specialist Software Development Company based in Toronto, Canada, has been acknowledged for providing out of the box software solutions that suites the business demands. We extensively use latest software development platforms, technologies and tools to deliver the high quality, secure, and cost efficient software products or applications to our customers. We have earned the wealth of satisfied customers due to our expertise in customizing the software solution that can meet any specific requirement of our customers.

We have well established infrastructure to test and implement any high end software development project in real environment. Our software developers are well trained and proficient in use of the latest project management techniques and zealously follow proven software engineering practices.

Our team strictly adheres to the industry’s best IT processes, which reduce risks associated with large scale projects and ensure efficient delivery. Our customers gained from our capability to understand their business requirements and expertise to craft or customize software applications for their workplace demands.

The highly talented software developers at Houmad Inc. assist the clients throughout the software development life cycle, including project management, systems analysis and design, development, implementation, training and application maintenance. We have expertise in creating software for desktops, tablets and mobiles using technologies like Microsoft .NET, PHP, Android and iPhone. Houmad Inc.’s Software development services includes:

Web Design:

Software Services creates web solutions that are an effective combination of functionality, style, and artistic creativity. Our streamlined design and development process has enabled us to design advanced web solutions that were traditionally out of reach for most businesses.

To keep up in an increasingly competitive and fast changing business landscape, companies need to make their services and products available to customers anytime and anywhere. This provides customers the option to access services and pay in a variety of ways. Right from creating a presence in cyberspace, to making businesses yield results in the online economy, a number of activities come into play. Software Services offers solutions that span this entire spectrum of needs.

We understand that having a website created for you or your business can be a confusing experience. With so many web design terms, phrases, and acronyms to confuse. You'll probably have lots of questions and it probably seems each question throws up many more.

Software Services has many years of experience working with companies just like yours. Our aim is to create you a successful web site that is affordable.

Web Hosting:

We supply competitively priced web hosting to enable us to offer to a complete solution to our customers for all their web site needs. It does not matter how small or large a customer's requirements are we can offer a package. We can tailor a package to fit a customer's specific needs if one of our standard packages does not suit. As most of our client base is Canada based we offer Canada hosting as stanard, but we also have access to server space worldwide. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

eCommerce Solutions:

The year on year growth in both B2C retail and B2B eCommerce cannot be ignored. Use of mobile devices for eCommerce is also now a very significant area of growth. Parabola can help your business tap into this growth with a eCommerce solution that will provide smart functionality for your customers integrated with a slick back office integration.

Our eCommerce solutions are based upon the powerful combination of Umbraco CMS with Ucommerce a powerful new platform from Denmark. The combination enables a flexible and robust solution to be custom built for your business which enables you to develop and grow your online marketing strategy.

There can be considerable benefits to you and your customers in you offering your products online.
For example:
• Customers can buy online 24x7
• Reduces the cost of sale e.g. No sales force, payment processing or credit control required
• Improves your brand image - show your customers you are a modern, progressive business
• You can service a wider and more international market
• Grows new business by offering your customers a wider choice

Our solutions are completely customisable and can be integrated with back-office systems.
Our core solution will include:
• A design team to lead you through the process of determining your eCommerce strategy and solution
• A scalable eCommerce platform incorporating all the latest security standards
• Integration with your preferred payment provider
• You will have complete control of the content and the products using the Umbraco CMS
• Your marketing team will be able to create and manage promotions using banner ads, discounts, vouchers, related products and many other features
• Advice and guidance on on-line marketing and promotion
• Comprehensive analytics and reporting
• Hosting on our web servers with support 24x7
• Our support team to take care of you

Custom Software Development:

Houmad Inc. specialises in providing IT consultancy, bespoke software solutions, internet based systems and general programming services to small and medium sized businesses. We are a well established, friendly-run company based at Toronto. We pride ourselves on the level and quality of support offered to clients nationwide through the use of industry leading remote access tools.

We have been involved in various types of software development. We tend to specialise in database systems, developing rich graphical user interface applications and data reporting tools to process or analyse data. The main categories of bespoke development or programming services we offer are:

• Database Development and Maintenance
• Software for Computers and Other Devices
• Web/Internet Based Systems
• Consultancy and Support

Software Project Services:
Houmad Inc. offers a wide range of services covering the full spectrum of the software development life cycle and typically includes the following:

Project analysis and planning: We are able to investigate the feasibility of a proposed project. We have gathered a wide range of experiences to enable us to quickly identify project requirements and know which technologies are best suited for many given software processes.

System design: From information sourced during the planning phase we can create a detailed architecture and specification for each application.

Development and documentation: Using the design documents prepared by either yourself, ourselves or a 3rd party we instruct our development team to begin construction of the system. All source code is documented and presented using industry recognised formats and of course the degree of documentation is dependent on the level you require.

Testing: We utilise unit, integration, system and acceptance testing.

Deployment: We always aim to make program installations as straight forward as possible, although it is often dependent on the range of technologies used. Windows® operating system applications are usually deployed from sources stored on our web server and intelligently installed using digitally signed Installaware Studio packaged execuables. Installations can be deployed using the Windows® Installer service or run independently.

Maintenance and enhancement: In consultation with the client we agree a flexible product enhancement and support package tailoured to the needs of the customer. We actively take part in customer arranged user group meetings from which system enhancements and action plans are constructed.

We develop a wide range of systems for a multitude of business types including construction, research institutions, retail, manufacturing, engineering, crop production specialists and companies providing agronomy services.

Whatever your requirements might be, simply give us a call on +1 (416) 500-6757 or E-mail us info@houmad.com

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